April 2021


A bathroom remodel is one of the most admired home refurbishments because it increases the look and feel of your bathroom.

A renovation doesn’t mean that you need to deconstruct your bathroom completely or start from scratch.

It can be simply done by modifying your vanity, shower, and floor plans.

In the past, the function of a bathroom was restricted to utility reasons only, but nowadays bathrooms are designed to achieve different goals that involve making you feel relaxed and well-being.

There are a lot of causes to renovate bathrooms: you want extra storage space, you want to build a spa-like

shower or modify an old bathroom with new accessories.

If you’re planning to renovate your bathroom, here are some key points that you need to consider before starting your bathroom renovation.

  1. Keep an Eye on Your Budget

The size of your renovation recites the budget so, always calculate roughly estimation and accordingly decide whether you want a partial or complete renovation of your bathroom.

There are some questions, whose answers you need to find out before starting a renovation: How many will use it? How frequently will you use it? What materials and accessories do you want to use? What do you want it to look like?

Always explore some new ideas with the help of the Internet: Bathroom accessories, cost, bathroom refurbishment companies, and labor cost.

  1. Who Will Remodel Your Bathroom: You or Hire a Bathroom Renovation Company?

This is an important aspect in the planning of your bathroom renovation: you will remodel it or hire a professional bathroom renovation company.

It is always suggested to hire a professional plumber for the renovation process as they are experienced in their work and well versed with plumbing and electric concerns.

  1. Are You Doing Bathroom Renovation For You And Your Family Or For Resell

If you are drafting to sell your home within a year, spend sufficient cost on a bathroom renovation. If you’re planning on staying in your home for a longer period, include amenities that are convenient and comfortable for your family and within your budget.

Always include important features like an all-in-one sink that are quite simple to clean and enough storage space.

  1. Do I Require To Modernize My Plumbing?

A plumber can evaluate your bathroom plumbing system: optimum water pressure, current conditions, and corrosion.

Earlier plumbers used standard 1-1/2” pipes for drains. Nowadays most of the owners are selecting 2” pipes to avert clogs and expand space for better drainage.

  1. Do I Need Shower, Tub Or Both?

Many owners are expanding the size of showers for better functionality and accessibility, mostly for seniors, or young children.

  • Most of the people are giving preference to large tub styles in place of Jacuzzi-style tub style.
  • Open showers appear to prominently increase the size of your bathroom, while also giving more space and convenience to the user.
  • Massaging a shower helps to get rid of the difficult day.
  • Built-in seating is suitable for shampoo and shaving.


So, it’s the right time to come out with your creative and innovative ideas and initiate your pre planning so you will be on the path to renovate your bathrooms with modern amenities that are convenient and enjoyable.