Managing the process of shifting home or office cannot be effective without professional help. To this end, it is necessary to hire professional packers and movers for home and office shifting. Experienced packers and movers specialising in services for townhome moving houston tx for household and office goods are available in Sydney. Apart from other goods, these companies can also be relied upon for efficient furniture removals and storage in Sydney.

Home shifting

Whether it is an apartments or independent houses of various sizes and configurations, professional companies are capable of packing and moving all kinds of household items. Electronic gadgets, clothes, decor items, beds, cupboards and all other household goods are packed and transported to the final location. Some packers and movers also provide pet and car transportation. At the same time, you might also want to consider professional handover cleaning service such as  so that your house can be returned to landlord in tip-top condition.

Office shifting

Gadgets such as computers, printers, projectors and other delicate equipment commonly used in offices are packed and moved safely by the packers and movers. Large-sized furniture such as large conference tables and other office furniture are transported efficiently. Cabinets and sensitive files and documents can also be entrusted to the packers and movers for safe delivery. Regardless of whether the office unit is located in a high rise building or an independent building, the packer and movers have professional workmen and specialised equipment to shift the goods and load them on trucks.

The office goods are packed and moved with minimum disruption to the daily work. This is the reason why most packers and movers offer the option to carry out the process of office shifting in the weekends. The goods are unpacked swiftly at the new location to get the office up and running quickly.

Furniture shifting

Packers and Movers offer furniture removals and storage in Sydney. Tables, chairs, sofas, beds, cupboards, chests of drawers and other pieces of furniture are disassembled by the workmen prior to packing. The workmen reassemble the furniture at the new location after unpacking. Extra-large furniture such including giant piano are also moved with utmost care. High-grade packaging materials such as bubble wraps, stretchable plastic, crates and furniture blankets are used to securely pack furniture to protect against jerks and shocks during loading, unloading and transportation.

Storage service for furniture, including expensive antique furniture, is offered by many packers and movers. Furniture pieces are packed in specially designed high strength containers and stored in secure warehouses. Thus, people who cannot accommodate all the furniture pieces at in the new home or office at once or need temporary storage for their furniture for the short or long term can opt for furniture storage service.

The price for furniture shifting and storage depends upon their volume and sizes. To get more information, visit this website for furniture removals and storage in Sydney to get a competitive removal quote.


The packers and movers deploy supervisors to monitor the entire process starting from initial survey to assess the goods to determine a price quote and all through packing, loading, unloading and unpacking of the goods at the final location. The supervisor ensures that the process is completed efficiently with a high level of professionalism and also keeps the clients informed.


Removals insurance coverage is provided to the goods by packers and movers in association with insurance companies. This is necessary to avoid financial loss to the customers in the unlikely event of loss or damage to the goods during shifting.