For the people, whose kitchens are not only the place to prepare food but also spend a lot of time with family and friends, remodeling is essential. If you have a sophisticated taste, you’ll glad to know that the white theme is totally in this year with nude colour shades all over your kitchen, the walls and shelves. 

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have an idea to renovate your kitchen in style, as we have got that covered for you. Read on to know some fascinating white kitchen design ideas to impress your neighbours, relatives, as well as potential buyers, if you’re planning to sell your home off soon. You can also take a look at Beautiful Homes’ curated list of 5 other kitchen design ideas for inspiration.

Vintage white kitchen

Are you planning to make your kitchen exude an elegant appeal without going over the top? The vintage-inspired look should be your thing then. You can opt for white marble (or tiles) with decorative, transparent lamp shades to add to the beauty of your kitchen. Don’t forget to install flat-front minimal design cabinets that not only look clean but also sophisticated. 

Glamorous white kitchen

If you wish to go a little over-the-top with your kitchen design, you can decorate it with classy items like glass window shelves with potted plants, white, transparent draperies, marble flooring and lantern pendant lights. Make sure you add decorative glassware to add to the overall appeal. 

Traditional white kitchen

For a simple and underrated look, it’s best to paint the walls (or put up wallpapers) in nude shades. Pristine-white, marble-like countertops will take the kitchen design a notch higher. If you need more options, you can consult the Vima Design kitchen renovation experts to spoil you with choices. Lastly, pack your kitchen with wood shelves, simple but elegant rattan stools and some tinges of greenery to enhance its appearance. 

Retro white kitchen

Are you craving for the fresh, warm look of a retro kitchen? Go for checkboard flooring, shiny faucets and sinks, white, ceramic glassware, transparent draperies and wood kitchen tools. You should also include some potted plants to give a natural look to your kitchen. Remember, the cabinets should be pristine white to match the entire appearance. 

Soft-toned white kitchen

If you want to tone down your kitchen design theme, you can put up white brick walls instead of the conventional tiles. Introduce a natural wood-textured appearance to the rest of the kitchen with a marble countertop to finish it off in style. 

Wrapping it up

A plethora of white kitchen ideas exist in the market today and you may also mix and match white with other bold shades to create a trendy look. All you have to do is get in touch with a specialist in Montreal to know if your ideas will fit in well with your kitchen space and let them improvise the same for you. Be open to suggestions, and you’ll end up with a modern, fabulous kitchen design to catch some eyeballs.  If you’re from Singapore, Kitchenate will help you transform your kitchen into a stylish and functional space. Check out more kitchen design ideas at Kitchenate today.