No matter where you live, tiles can perfectly enhance your home decor. With their unlimited range in different shapes, colors, prints, and patterns, they breathe in a new life into your home. A great pair of tiles can add beauty and warmth to your place while striking the perfect balance between style and practicality.

So, let’s take a peek at the latest floor tile trends that can infuse the element of peace and sophistication to your space:

  • Rich Florals: Popular for its vibrant colors, intricate designs and blend of textures, floral tiles are among the most significant trends of this year. From their sedate patterns of Victorian Era to royal floral motifs, these tiles give your space that fresh look. Be it your home or office, their exquisite collection will transform your boring place into an eye-catching haven. Their unique blend of patterns and bright colors will add a hint of warmth and closeness to nature.
  • Wooden Strips: A timeless trend since years, wood-look will add that much-needed warmth, style, and contemporary touch to your home. Right from their monochromatic shades to dark strip patterns, the diverse color range of these tiles let you experiment as you want. They are durable, easy to clean and come in varied styles, which make them the first choice for flooring.
  • Matte finish: This tile trend will undoubtedly add a hint of classiness, elegance, and sophistication to your place. Whether it’s your living room or kitchen, it perfectly mixes and matches your interiors to create a seamless ambiance. Though matte tiles are mostly low on luster, they impart an enriching touch to your overall interiors when the light falls on their surface.
  • Big and Bold: Big and Bold will definitely turn the heads of your guests because of their striking appearance. Their grout lines offer that spacious feel while adding a touch of modernity and grandeur to your room. The combination of their beautiful textures, abstract shapes, and impeccable patterns is what creates a soothing ambiance. To add more drama and quirkiness to your space, you can also use colored marbles like emerald greens, indulgent black, royal pink and so on.

So this year, go for the trends that will render a contemporaneous ambiance to your interiors while making them stand out. Simply explore Club Ceramic tile collection today for bespoke and premium floorings.