Kitchen cabinets are one of the principal parts of a kitchen. Those items help a household kitchen become more efficient.

When you have plans to upgrade your kitchen, you can do three big projects: repainting, repairing, or kitchen cabinet refacing.

Before jumping into any decisions, make sure you consider some essential factors and contact a reputable kitchen cabinet contractor to give you advice which is best to do based on your preferences and budget.

This is to give you an idea about replacing your kitchen cabinets and why it’s better than the other kitchen projects.

When you want to remove your current kitchen cabinets, an experienced installer would need to be hired to set up your kitchen cabinets. This project would cost you between about $12,000 and $20,000.

This project would work with already old and heavily-damaged kitchen cabinets. To replace the old ones at home you will need to get and buy new ones.

Below are the reasons why you will opt for kitchen cabinet replacing:

  • The best option when refacing is not. 
  • When you want your kitchen layout changed. 
  • When you have your cabinets in poor condition. 
  • When doing a complete remodeling of the kitchen.

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Consult this infographic to find out more about the difference between refacing, removing, and repainting of the kitchen cabinet and to find out what’s the best kitchen project for you.

Kitchen Cabinets - Should we Reface, Replace or Paint