The city of Houston is constantly attracting new residents and people from throughout the country. However, not all of these visitors are looking to stay long term. In many cases, they are looking for a short term rental Houston. Why? The answer couldn’t be simpler. Short term rentals offer flexibility to move in and out without having to find long term accommodations. Those coming to Houston can look to Corporate Rentals to help them find their new home. For those coming for only a few days, there are available parts of the city where you can rent for as few as three nights. This is the perfect option for anyone who is coming in for a brief work or vacation experience. However, it’s far more common for people to rent for a month or, just as commonly, for a month to month living situation. For anyone looking for work or coming for short term employment, the city has incredible living options. 

The Galleria district is home to the city’s largest shopping mall, a famed destination filed not only with stores but restaurants and the always family friendly ice skating rink. The area is similarly dotted by famed dining destinations and an upscale aesthetic that appeals to visitors from around the world. Jumping across the highway, visitors quickly enter the River Oaks district. Some of the most beautiful homes in the city are located in this area and, once again, the entire district is filled with incredible dining and shopping destinations. However, the area is also well known for Memorial Park. This is one of the most beautiful areas of the city and includes trail heads, picnicking areas, and the always lovely Houston Arboretum. As travelers head further west, they enter the Midtown region. This part of the city is  perfect for anyone looking for patio dining with dog parks and cozy homes just around the corner. 

With so many lovely places to live in the city, it should not be difficult to find a part of the city where you might want to stay. Fortunately, Corporate Retreats is perfectly suited to meet your needs. Simply let them know how long you’ll be staying, what size of a place you’re looking to lease, and when you’ll be moving in, and they’ll find the ideal place for you in the part of the city where you want to stay most. With so many available options throughout Houston, it won’t be hard to find a place that’s perfectly suited to your needs. So, if you’re in need of a short term rental Houston, then talk to Corporate Retreats. They’ll help you find your new home, no matter how long you’ll be staying.