Individual Quick Freezing is a specific type of freezing technology that is assigned to products usually available in smaller pieces and normally include all types of berries, fruits, and vegetables cut or sliced, as well as, seafood such as small fish and other related products, meat, poultry, and even cheese or grains. With such a long-range of products that could be frozen using this technology, making it an efficient method for the food processing industry. The products that undergo Individual Quick Freezing method are referred to as Individually Quick Frozen or IQF’d.

Moving ahead with the details of the Individual Quick Freezing method, there comes two main IQF methods. One is mechanical IQF freezers, and the other, cryogenic IQF freezers. Both have their applications and work according to their structure.

Mechanical IQF freezers

Mechanical IQF freezers work with a simple principle of cold air circulation like what your home-based freezer does, but on a smaller level. Cold air flows from underneath the bedplate or transportation belt with the help of fans. Whereas, in smaller chillers or home-based freezes, it goes along with the pipes and cools the overall environment.

This technology makes cold airflow possible by passing through the pieces of the product in circular motions with the products traveling through the entire freezer and makes its way towards the exit. Its formation and efficiency vary depending upon what manufacturers are trying to do to maintain the perfect balance and acquire optimal freezing results. This technology improved and developed a lot in the last two decades and is made suitable for a large range of products.

The other type, Cryogenic IQF freezers work with different principle and dip your products in liquid nitrogen with a low temperature, employing it to freeze rapidly, with continuous moving out to avoid block formation. This freezing technology gives you marvelous output, but costs you more per kg of the product due to a large amount of liquid nitrogen required that is costly to arrange.

With such huge demand and interest in Individual Quick Freezing technology at a global level due to higher deliverance and vast benefits, this is now a more common treatment for freezing foods to preserve them with size, taste, and cell structure.

Freezing technology

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