Pulling and getting rid of weeds is one of the most tedious aspects of lawn management. It is important to do the task, however, in order to take care of your plants and allow your yard to look and remain healthy. Follow the tips below to learn how to get rid of bothersome weeds naturally. 

1. Use the Power of Mulch

Applying mulch around your plants can ensure that weeds do not infiltrate their space. Mulch will block the sunlight that is required for weeds to thrive and grow. It will also provide the healthy amount of moisture that good plants need to thrive and sustain. 

Mulch should be applied evenly around plants to a layer that is about two inches thick. Too much will also suffocate your plants, so be careful to use an appropriate amount. Be sure to use a reputable brand as well to ensure there are no weed seeds in the mulch. 

2. Mow Your Lawn Effectively

Mowing your lawn can assist in eliminating the weeds overgrowing your yard if you perform the action in the correct way. Be sure to use your lawn mower at the correct height in order to eliminate weeds by mowing down to only a third of the length of the grass. This will block sunlight from reaching the roots and seeds of the weeds. 

Though this may be counter to anything you have heard, leaving your lawn clippings can be beneficial to ridding your yard of weeds. The clippings will feed the grass and rid the weeds. If the ground was moist do not leave the clippings as more damage can come to your yard. 

3. Limit Your Watering

The less you water your lawn, the more your lawn will thrive. It is important to water your lawn deeply with a proper irrigation system to let your grass growing healthily. Healthy, thick grass will block sunlight to weed seeds and weed roots that prevents them from growing. Weeds will become choked from infrequent watering and will not grow in the future either as the roots will not thrive or grow. 

4. Aerate Your Lawn

Soil that is compacted without room for air allows for weeds to grow and thrive. When thinking of baseball fields and parks, weeds are abundant due to the unkept and compacted soil. Aerating eliminates the need for weeds and the ability for weeds to thrive. 

Aerating soil is made to loosen up soil to allow oxygen and water to enter more freely. This encourages grass to grow thickly and healthily which leads to an inability for weeds to thrive. There are many types available that you should talk to a lawn provider or landscaper about to begin services. 

5. Seek Out Professional Help

ible to buy professional grade products to help in strengthening your yard in the fight against weeds. Utilize products that are made for weed control that is pre-emergent and that is post-emergent. This will assist in destroying the source and the after effects of weeds. 

You can also contact a specialist in lawn maintenance. This could be a landscaper or a lawn worker. They will understand the best treatment that can be formulated for your home and your yard to rid it of pesky weeds at the source. 

Final Considerations

There are many natural ways to rid your lawn of weeds and weed roots. Contact professionals and use professional equipment if you have questions about any of the methods listed above. Utilize mulch, proper watering and proper mowing to ensure you eliminate weeds for good in your yard or soil.