Moving is a moment in life that should not be taken lightly. According to a recent study, it is even the 3rd greatest source of stress after the death of a loved one or the loss of their job, so it is advisable to prepare for it with the greatest care.

While using the services of a professional mover can relieve you of many of the hassles related to the technical organization of the  move (packaging, transport to the other end of Denver, unloading without damage and without getting your back caught), choosing the wrong mover can on the contrary increase your stress and leave you with bitter memories.

Since Denver currently has more than 2,000 moving companies, how not to go wrong and know which mover to choose?

Because choosing your mover should not be limited to comparing the prices of moving quotes to try at all costs to move inexpensively, discover the points not to be overlooked in choosing a good mover. The denver moving companies  are the best options here.

Choose a mover certified by a standard or member of a union

There are several standards that can assure you of the seriousness of a moving company.

  • The NF Service standard dedicated to “Private Relocation”, certifies that the mover complies with strict specifications that define each stage of his service: preparation for the move, contractual commitments, implementation moving and after-sales service.
  • The ISO 9001 standard is not specific to moving and makes it possible to certify any company which justifies a quality approach oriented towards the satisfaction of its customers. The internal procedures of each department of the company must therefore be standardized, measured and corrected as part of a systematic continuous improvement process. Choosing an ISO 9001 certified mover is therefore the assurance of optimal customer service, which will facilitate each step of your move.

Beyond simple compliance with the regulations, knowing which mover to choose implies being able to ensure the technical skills of the latter. If seniority in the profession can give you a first clue, it remains essential to try to obtain opinions from clients who have already moved with this professional.

If the mover is from your city, you may be lucky enough to count some of his clients among your relatives, nothing like word of mouth.

The choice of your mover is indeed an important moment which requires taking into account various criteria. Once you have taken stock of the main characteristics of your move (distance, volume, budget.), you should have a first idea of ​​the type of mover to contact (local craftsman or national group?). You can then choose a mover who is a member of a union or who has been certified by a standard, and then take stock of the online reviews of former clients of that mover.